LeEco seamlessly blends devices, content, applications and distribution in a first-of-its kind ecosystem consisting of film and music production, digital streaming service, smartphone, accessories, android televisions, and autonomous electric vehicles.


A truly global effort

A great big bunch of people, working in 4 cities and spread across 2 continents, worked on the project, all syncing together using HighFive, Google docs, and Invision.


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Original Site

The original Letv website offered much room for improvement.  There was no style guide present, no consistent grid system used, nor any accessibility in place.  The site has several noticable grammatical errors, imagery had no consistent tone, included devices not available in the United States and product UI screens in Mandarin.

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The initial proposed site would combine Le Technology corporate and PR messaging house with it's consumer focused e-commerce and product purchasing site LeMall.com.  The goal was to be a one-stop destination for all interested in the brand whether it be press, investors, or consumers.


The Process


Brand Mood Board

LeEco N.A. needed to differentiate itself from China's original messaging that was not in line the the US consumer target audience.  A pitch mood board was created showcasing major competitors, the LeEco branded visuals at the time, and four proposed tones to adopt for the website and all future brand campaigns.

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The challenge was to create a visually interesting site that would set the brand apart.  We had a plethora of products and divisions to showcase, but our main limitation was resources.   Interaction and navigation motion mockups were created for a variety of options, but unfortunately these elements were cut from the project prior to release due to engineering limitations with only one part time developer scoped.


Newsroom Page

The Newsroom page was easily the largest undertaking for the entire website rebuild.  Our goal was to transform a simple hyperlink text page that featured links to PDF downloads into a major media resource with categories, tagging, search functionality, responsive and visual article cards, full article pages, and a media resource library for press.


Notes and Feedback


LeMe Forum Redesign

Finished already? Not quite.

No need to panic, I've prepared a few more projects for you to gander at.