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Redesign of the client "TOP 1 OIL" website from the ground up to responsive site.

Role - Freelance UX Designer / Visual Designer


SiteMap and Pitch Doc

Ideas / Brainstorm

1.    Split Home page into categories
  • Motorsports - lifestyle/consumer/fun/action
  • Products - technical
  • Company - brand
**(possibly combine Motorsports and Company for humanizing effect)
2.   Adopt mobile layout for “category peek” selection (left/right movement)
  • Tall mobile images, not full width. Next selection “peeks” in from right side to show there are additional options
3.   Adopt Penzoil products organization/look/feel
  • Using images to select Product categories -> Product models -> specific products which link to PDF
  • Incorporate site trail at top of each page (Ex: Products / Full Synthetic / Ultra Platinum)
4.   Encourage social on homepage (link to most recent posts/tweets) to direct consumers naturally into the heavier trafficked social sites
5.   Convert Mobile Nav into icons instead of hamburger
6.   Inclusion of an Index/site map page linked to footer?
7.   If we incorporate “Find the Oil for You” tool, place in top bar nav for quickest access
8.   Include comparison of oils (Penzoil uses) to show the major differences visually (PDF at least)
9.   Any imagery for category should inform you about the selection, not just look cool (Products page)
10.   Does iconography replacement, instead of photos, fit the Brand? It would look clean and modern, but may be too far from the core visual Top1 has already established
11.   Does Top1 want to place equal importance on Spanish vs English PDF?  Currently both are bold CTA buttons.  Can we adjust for Spanish to be simple hyperlinked text for USA site?
12.   Keep images of products at set angle; must be pixel perfect reflections of similar bottled products

FlowChart Pitches