Repackage a table summarizing the insurance information for an individual business.  Design must establish hierarchy of information, logically grouped actions, improve clarity, and remain aesthetically harmonious with Zenefits existing style.



  • I first made a list of what works and what doesn't about the existing design.
  • Drawing from there I kept the functional design choices while presenting alternative solutions to what did not.
  • I applied a similar design aesthetic from Zenefits web page to maintain a minimalistic and harmonious layout.
  • With no Style Guide provided I resorted to chrome extension ColorZilla to pull HEX color data, and font information from the Zenefits website.
  • When transferring information from the old table to the new, I removed text redundancies by splitting the table in two and applying visual/graphical elements, as well as arranging dates chronologically.  I also removed colors (green) from the table that are unused anywhere else within Zenefits.
  • There was no visual representation for Dental or Check Box within the Zenefits site so I used the Medical icon as a style guide and created the Dental and Check Box icon from scratch in Adobe Illustrator and applied Zenefits color scheme.
  • Using icons as opposed to text is more appealing for the end user and gives a less cluttered feel.