Brand Guidelines


Worked with overseas team in Beijing to create English Brand Style Guide.  Original brand: Letv (left) to the new brand: LeEco (right).

Social Designs

(Sole Designer prior to June 2016)

Release Campaigns

Nationwide Roadshow (8 Cities) - Key Graphic, Promotional Videos, Social Teasers, Infographics, Print Material, Banners, T-Shirts

Nationwide Fan Tour (3 Cities) - Key Graphic, Social Teasers, Print Material, Swag Collateral

Conference Designs

Social Posts, Print Material, Presentation Design, Swag/Collateral, Photography, Video Production.

CES 2016 (Sole Designer)

MWC 2016 (Sole Designer)

SXSW 2016 (Sole Designer)

Google I/0 2016 (Creative Director)

Pepcom 2016 (Creative Director)

US Launch (Creative Director)

Video Work

Promo / Teaser / Social


CES Spotlight / Interviews

Videographer, Editor

Company Video

Creative Director and Project Lead.  Scouted, Hired, and Oversaw contractor.