Brand Reinvented


An overview of the Atlassian Brand & Marketing Team’s work.


Product Page Designs


I worked within new web pattern libraries to build responsive web designs for Product, Feature, and Integrations across pages for Jira, Bitbucket, Sourcetree, and Bamboo.


Microsite Redesign


I was the Visual Designer for the Agile Microsite redesign.  Working with PMM's and the principal UX Designer to restructure a 62 pages and create a unique and consistent visual style.  I designed banners, illustrations, category color theme and other graphical elements. 


SEO Optimization


A major aspect of the redesign was restructing of categories, articles, and tutuorials.  A new sitemap was curated, card themed homepage designed and SEO target page was created to encourage Atlassian's priority as the Agile Methodology resource.


Microsite Entrance Growth


Not Just Design


Following through each of my projects past the design phase and into implementation.  I designed, built and published marketing pages using Magnolia CMS (Content Management System).


Team Learnings


Atlassian is an amazing place for team growth and creative collaboration on a large scale.  This was my first experience working in an agile intensive team with bi-weekly spars, weekly sprints, design spikes, post-mortems, and a continuous feedback circle.  It taught me to seek out feedback actively and honed my pitch making skills amongst peers and stakeholders.  The community vibe was exceptional, and one of the closest groups of peers I've experienced.

Atlassian Halloween 2017


Finished already? Not quite.

No need to panic, I've prepared a few more projects for you to gandering eyes.