About the Project

LeEco seamlessly blends devices, content, applications and distribution in a first-of-its kind ecosystem consisting of several business units across film and music production, digital streaming service, smartphone, accessories, android televisions, and autonomous electric vehicles

My Role

I started as the sole designer for LeEco US wearing as many hats as the word "design" could fathom.  As the company grew so did my responsibilites, eventually adopting the role of interim Creative Director and managing an amazing team of talented graphic designers, motion specialists, and videographers.


The Ecosystem


LeEco is a new breed — a global internet company that merges your favorite content and smart devices through an experience that is seamless, affordable and one touch away.

Their open ecosystem spans smartphones, smart TVs, electric cars, content and services. There's a better way to connect, and the next generation of experiences shouldn't be anchored down by cords and cables.

Life is about the journey, and LeEco's blazing a new way forward with you. Welcome to your ecosystem.


The Brief

LeEco's latest expanse into the North American market has required design endeavors from social media marketing, production material for national announce events, print and packaging design, to website and internal UX design needs.


Major Projects


Letv Rebrand to LeEco

Involved in the brainstorming, naming, and design implementation for the rebrand of Letv to LeEco in early 2016.  Creation and conversion of the LeEco Style Guide for North America.


Event Collateral Design

Print Design for promotional events and conferences such as North American HQ Ribbon Cutting, CES 2016, MWC 2016, SXSW 2016 and LeEco US Launch Event.


Other Campaigns


Contractor Oversight


Acting Project Lead and Creative Director for several contractor hires.

Video Editing

Video editing -previews, promo, social, event, editing, capturing, coordination.

LeEco Photoshoot Fall 2016


Creative Director - oversaw project scope, scouting, hiring, shot-list, mood-boards, and onsite during shoots for LeEco.com, social, and UP2U.


Team Learnings


LeEco, was the experience of a lifetime; good, bad and everywhere in between.  From a growth perspective, it was phenomenal.  I joined a team of 30 other eager individuals in late 2015, and by the end of 2016 the org had skyrocketed to over 900.  I went from being the sole designer for graphic, social, print and web, to managing a team of graphic designers, UX contractors, and videographers across brand divisions and state lines.  Each day was a new challenge, but I relished the opportunity.  I'll never forget the team and colleagues that supported one another through every success, and every upset.



No, we're not done just yet!

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