At Walmart Labs, a line of code can change the way the world shops. The new Walmart.com is an important step as Walmart continues to build the best customer shopping experience.

My Role

I was the Sr. Product Designer for Walmart eBooks (web and native apps) and designed customer flow for digital purchases. I worked alongside a talented group of Product Designers on the CXO (customer checkout) Team for the 2018 redesign of Walmart.com and its iOS/Android native apps focusing on Vudu, Restricted Gift Cards, and PAC Modal.


The New Walmart.com


Creating a cleaner and more modern digital shopping experience.


Walmart eBooks


Walmart partnered with Rakuten Kobo to bring eBooks to the megastore. I worked closely with an international team and met with partners to propose the digital purchasing flow, design high-level mockups of item pages, and build functional prototypes across responsive web, iOS and Android breakpoints.


Customer Check-Out (CXO)


On the CXO Team my focus was the redesign of Vudu digital purchases, Restricted Gift Cards, and the PAC (product add-to cart) Modal for the new Walmart.com.


New Checkout Features


I was responsible for the Visual Design and Interaction Logic for Restricted Gift Cards on Walmart.com. This was the first time Walmart would accept and store product specific and timed promotional cards in your online cart.

gift card list logic.png

New Search Filter Categories


I worked with a team focused on the addition of new filtering functionality on the Search Results pages. I was focused on Dynamic Filtering for Video Games and Baby Registry.


Communication Across Teams


Communication is key for the largest private company in the world. Working with Product Managers, Developers, and Designers across state lines and international boundaries. We used a combination of Slack, Jira, and Zeplin to continuously iterate designs and production.



Finished already? Not quite.

No need to panic, I've prepared a few more projects for you to gandering eyes.